Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Exchange 8230 Monitoring & Calendar Item Repairing

Got the Powershell code running early this morning. Used PSEventing to get the event triggering to work right. Looks like I'm still having trouble with the Regex Matching when extracting the user info from the Event Message. I'm gonna sort that out ASAP.

PSEventing works great but was getting conflicts with the Exchange 2007 Powershell environment. My PS1 would crash when I called Get-Mailbox. I worked on troubleshooting with the developer of PSEventing but no resolution as of yet. As a workaround, I'm calling the Exchange stuff by launching a second instance of Exchange Powershell and passing the user info to it. It exits when done with PowerPoof and I'm back to monitoring for the next event.

I'll post the code when I get it running smoother. It'll be raw but functional. :)

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